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In Reiki sessions, you get vital energy in order to improve your health and increase your individual awareness. Reiki allows you to revitalize and balance yourself. It assists you in your healing process, increasing your self-healing capacity, as it realigns the flow of vital energy, resulting in a greater energetic balance.

Reiki is a Japanese method, known worldwide and its benefits are increasingly recognized. It has been integrated in several hospitals in the USA, United Kingdom, Spain and Brazil as a complementary therapy.

The benefits of reiki sessions are several, including: 

- Reduction of stress and anxiety; 

-Rebalance in states of tiredness and exhaustion;
- Increase of the body's natural defences; 

- Reduction of pain; 

- Reinforcement of energy to overcome states of depression and other soul states characterized by lack of energy; 

- Excellent in palliative care; 

- Help with prior preparation and recovery after chemical and surgical intervention; 

- Strengthens the body's ability to eliminate unwanted side effects from drugs (eg chemotherapy).  

 Sessions held by the therapist: Abhá Devi 

Book your appointment at the Sana Maresia by phone +351- 962 013 214 or email:

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