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ASA Carvan Parking Area at the Aldeia da Praia

At our ASA Autocaravan parking area you can park your Caravan up to 72hs closed to Sintra's beaches of Praia das Maçãs and Praia Grande. 

You can book ahead of arrival through our webpage. Please read our ASA motorhome parking rules:

  • All motorhomes need to be checked in at reception between 15-18hs.

  • Entries to the parking area are allowed between 9 and 20hs. 

  • Leaving time is by 15hs. 

  • Silence period is 23 to 8hs

  • Please respect the indicated parking areas.

Many services available at the Aldeia da Praia such as Yoga and Surf Classes, Laundry service and laundry room, supermarket, café, restaurant area and children's playground

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