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Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine, considered one of the oldest forms of oriental medicine, is the art of preventing and treating diseases and it has several therapeutic resources as: 

- Acupuncture; 

- Moxa; 

- Tui Na Massage; 

- Dietetics;
- Qi gong ; 

- Phytotherapy . 


It is an energetic and functional multidisciplinary medicine. Because it is based on the recognition of the fundamental principles that rule the functioning of the human organism and its interaction with the environment according to the cycles of nature, it seeks to apply this understanding both to the treatment of diseases as well as to the maintenance of health through various methods.

Consultations carried out by the following therapists:

- Rita Antão 

- Catarina Martins 

- Ideli Soares 

- Angélica Monteiro 

- Mafalda Camões 

Book your appointment at the Sana Maresia by phone +351- 962 013 214 or email:

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