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Bed & Breakfast and much more for your holidays

At our Aldeia da Praia you find different options to spend the night that will suit your need. We offer hostel accommodation in twin or double room with ensuite bathrooms and  dorm rooms with 4, 6 or 8 beds including ensuite bathrooms and our meditation platforms to spend the night under the sky with a guided meditation if wished. 

Also remember you can find our ASA motorhome parking for up to 72hs and use the additonal services of the Aldeia. 

Remember to book your Yoga & Surf classes in advance so we are able to secure the classes for you. Children from 6 years of age can go surfing with experienced instructors here at our local beaches, the Yoga classes we recommend for children from age 12. Everybody is welcome if beginner or pro and classes can always be taught at least in English and Portuguese. German + french surf and bodyboard classes are also available. 

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