Through the connection to the subconscious, hypnotherapy connects emotionally people with their experiences. All our experiences are associated with emotions. Emotions, in turn, are associated with beliefs that can limit us in some way and that do not allow balance harmony and health in our lives.

In hypnotherapy, we look for the deep causes of illnesses or behaviours, which allows us to deal with several symptoms, such as: 

anxiety, depression, panic, fears, phobias, addictions (food, tobacco, coffee, games, medication, alcohol , etc. ), irritation, impatience, anger, insomnia, physical pain and illness, problems with self-esteem , lack of confidence, obsessions, lack of motivation, difficulty in choosing the direction of life, lack of joy, lack of dedication towards dreams, lack of inner will, etc. 

Consultations by the therapist: Abhá Devi 

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