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Book of Therapies



Traditional Chinese Medicine


Traditional Chinese Medicine, considered one of the oldest forms of oriental medicine, is the art of preventing and treating diseases and it has several therapeutic resources as: 

- Acupuncture; 

- Moxa; 

- Tui Na Massage; 

- Qi gong ; 

- Phytotherapy . 


It is an energetic and functional multidisciplinary medicine. Because it is based on the recognition of the fundamental principles that rule the functioning of the human organism and its interaction with the environment according to the cycles of nature, it seeks to apply this understanding both to the treatment of diseases as well as to the maintenance of health through various methods. 

Consultations carried out by the following therapists: 

Rita Antão 

Catarina Martins 

Ideli Soares 

Angélica Monteiro 

Mafalda Camões 

Sonia Gameiro




Chromopuncture is:

- Treatment of symptoms using Color ( rainbow spectrum ) in acupuncture points; 

- German technique (Peter Mandel) with great results in treatments of chronic and acute diseases; 

- It restores physical, mental and emotional balance; 

- It relieves any pain in the body; 

- Very gentle treatment without acupuncture needles; 

- It helps in treatments with pain and it increases the recovery result (when combined with physiotherapy).

Consultations by the following therapists: 

Ideli Soares

Leonor monteiro


Navel moxibustion for fertility


Application of several Moxa cones on the navel, approximately 1h30 of treatment. Very gentle and soothing therapy.

Use of Medicinal Plants 

After diagnosis a compound of medicinal herbs is made to be applied on the navel together with Moxibustion .

Navel therapy is one of the external therapies of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It uses Phytotherapics together on the navel to: 

- Strengthen the body's Yin and Yang functions; 

- Regulate the flow of Qi and blood; 

- Adjust Yin and Yang;

 - Harmonize the functions of the organs. 

 * It increases fertility in 80 to 98% of cases *


Consultations by the therapist :


 Ideli Soares




A Japanese term, meaning "Finger pressure"; 

- It aims to maintain and to recover health, through the rebalancing of the energy network of our body. 

- Body therapy that, through the power of touch and pressure, stimulates the self-healing ability of the person treated, inducing deep relaxation and a feeling of well-being. 


- It aims to remove generalized tensions, to release contracted muscles and to support fragile areas of the body. From the point of view of the person treated, the Shiatsu massage is deeply relaxing, although invigorating. It also gives a feeling of tranquillity and the awareness of deep contact with each area of ​​the body. 



Consultations by the following therapists:


Pedro Morais

Catarina Caetano

Pedro Neves

Marta Carvalho





Méthode Danis Bois: gentle full body massage performed on clothing that allows the release of connective tissues (fascias), returning a sense of unity and globality to our Being. Advised for any physical, emotional or mental malaise. 


Sacral Healing

Massage partially performed with a handkerchief, born from the South American indigenous wisdom, which helps in the rebalancing and alignment of the pelvis. Advised for recurrent urinary infections, ovarian and uterine disorders, menstrual, prostate issues, sexual dysfunction, trauma recovery, release of trapped memories and blocked emotions. On a more general level, it improves fertility, rejuvenates, increases self-confidence and empowers.


Consultations by the following therapists:


Sofia Ferreira 

Agata leonardo


Thai Massage

Thai Massage is a wonderful gift to mankind. This sensitive therapy is a combination of acupressure, gentle stretching, rocking and applied yoga. It’s an holistic therapy form with the aim of restoring the natural energy balance in body and mind.  The massage is given fully clothed, with the optional use of oils for the hands and feet to enhance your treatment experience. 


Thai Foot Massage is a focused treatment of the feet and lower legs, with the application of oils, to relax and invigorate. It’s a relatively new treatment in Thailand which has been adapted from the ancient techniques of reflexology and traditional Thai massage. The massage is given fully clothed apart from the lower legs. 

Consultations by the following therapists:

Sandra Baptista

Cris Nau


Massagem Inner Flow


INNER FLOW a deep and relaxing massage that works on muscle rehabilitation, contact with your energy field to flow like a river!

 INNER FLOW is a dive into your most intimate being ... your SACRED temple! With mixed techniques of Ayurvedic, Tantric massage and cures through Thetahealing, the therapy brings physical, emotional and spiritual benefits. Alignment of the chakras, opening the light of the heart and deep relaxation. 


Consultations by the following therapists:

Cris Marcondes


Ayurvedic Theraphy


Ayurveda is a natural medicine and the combination of science and philosophy that covers much of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects necessary for health. The word comes from the Sanskrit Ayur - which means life, and Veda - knowledge or truth. Within the Ayurvedic system there are several massages and techniques that are applied according to the needs of each individual, including the following: 

Traditional Ayurveda Massage 

Traditional Ayurveda massage is performed with specific and rhythmic movements throughout body, with the aim of nourishing the skin, detoxifying the body, relaxing the muscles, joints, soothe the nervous system, revitalize tissues, minimize stress, melancholic states and depressive, anxiety and insomnia. Corrects body posture and revitalizes, tones and relaxes muscle tissues. The main feature is the use of prepared oil heated according to the Dosha of each individual and his balance. It is massage applied in terms of prevention and maintenance. duration 60min 

Yoga Massage 

Old and complex therapeutic massage system, whose roots come from ancient foundations of yoga and ayurveda. From this very rich combination came a powerful therapy that mixes a harmonious sequence of rhythmic massage, pressure, passive yoga, reflexology, gentle twists, energy work, breathing exercises (pranayama) and yoga postures (asanas) combined with deep relaxation and meditation techniques. duration 90min 

Marma Therapy

Marma Therapy consists of a massage of the energetic points spread throughout the body, through from which Prana (vital energy) must flow, that is, when the 107 marma points are stimulated are affect the Chakras, helping the energy to flow unblocked throughout the body and thus maintaining the individual's health. Energy blocks can result from several factors such as: suffering injuries to the body, the adoption of inappropriate physical postures, emotional situations destructive or trauma, poor diet, accumulated stress or the existence of a disease likely to interfere with the flow of Prana throughout the body. duration 90min 

Abhyanga Massage

Abhyanga - means, in Sanskrit, to anoint, rub with oil; It is a therapeutic facial massage and body made with natural herbal oils, with a set of continuous movements, which will promote tissue revitalization and toxin removal. This massage stimulates the five senses. duration 60min All therapies are carried out with base oils, essential oils and herbs of excellent quality, our skin nourishes our body.


Consultations by the following therapists:

Paulo Almeida


Massagem de Som Peter Hess

Sound massage according to Peter Hess® is used in healthcare, physiotherapy and psychotherapy, relaxation, pedagogy and working with people with special needs. A sound massage: • Offers a comprehensive range of natural, rich and harmonious sounds from the sound bowls. • Induces deep relaxation, the sound appealing to the person's original confidence, allowing him to let go. • It is a gentle massage that harmonizes each cell in the body, creating an energetic flow. • It can promote health, improve body awareness, and support the recognition and use of a person's resources. • It allows the positive influence of self-confidence, creativity and creative energies. • Has a holistic approach that promotes harmony between the body, the mind and the soul. • Offers an action directed to the central nervous system with an impact at the neurological level. As a sound massage, it creates an atmosphere of security: stress, anxiety, worry and doubt, as well as all feelings that have a negative impact on our health, can be released. We become aware of our bodies and our needs. Recurrent thoughts rest and our soul gains space to develop.


Consultations by the following therapists:

Elsa braga

Stress Management

More than 25 years of practice and expertise in Stress Management, Chi Kung and Meditation. 

Conceição created her own Holistic Stress Management model, which she applies in several clinics in Europe. She is currently responsible for the Stress Management Week at La Pierre Blanche clinic in Estavayer-le-Lac, Switzerland. She is a specialist in Stress Management at SHA Wellness Clinic in El Albir , Alicante, where she was also Visiting Master and as Coordinator of the Mind & Body department . She has four books published; the most recent one is "Find your balance ". 

* Stress should not be treated only in critical situations.
It is essential to work on preventing and managing stress on a daily basis, with specific tools and exercises.
Only those who manage their stress in a conscious and proactive manner are productive and able to achieve their goals. 

Stress influences communication, leadership, team spirit and emotional intelligence.

Consultations by the therapist: 

Conceição M. Espada




"Our past memories are registered in our unconscious since childhood, gestation, and other past memories. Often these become different behavioural patterns, lack of self-esteem, feelings of anguish, attachments, sadness, anxiety, stress or even physical pain, etc."

In this Therapy, we contact the unconscious in order to understand it and to restructure it in an integrated way. This therapy releases blockages and traumas by transforming personal, physical, emotional, mental and relational beliefs and patterns, and by rescuing confidence, assertiveness and personal strength.


Consultations carried out by the following therapists: 

Sofia Bouçadas 



Gentle technique that stimulates physiological changes in the organs, with the ability to balance reduce and eliminate pain, promoting the release of toxins, reducing stress, tiredness and promoting mental balance.


Consultations carried out by the following therapists: 


Sofia Bouçadas 

Edite Cooper  



Through the connection to the subconscious, hypnotherapy connects emotionally people with their experiences. All our experiences are associated with emotions. Emotions, in turn, are associated with beliefs that can limit us in some way and that do not allow balance harmony and health in our lives.

In hypnotherapy, we look for the deep causes of illnesses or behaviours, which allows us to deal with several symptoms, such as: 

anxiety, depression, panic, fears, phobias, addictions (food, tobacco, coffee, games, medication, alcohol , etc. ), irritation, impatience, anger, insomnia, physical pain and illness, problems with self-esteem , lack of confidence, obsessions, lack of motivation, difficulty in choosing the direction of life, lack of joy, lack of dedication towards dreams, lack of inner will, etc. 


Consultations by the therapist:

 Abhá Devi  

Andre borges

REIKI sessions

In reiki sessions, you get vital energy in order to improve your health and increase your individual awareness. Reiki allows you to revitalize and balance yourself. It assists you in your healing process, increasing your self-healing capacity, as it realigns the flow of vital energy, resulting in a greater energetic balance.

Reiki is a Japanese method, known worldwide and its benefits are increasingly recognised. It has been integrated in several hospitals in the USA, United Kingdom, Spain and Brazil as a complementary therapy.

The benefits of reiki sessions are several, including: 

- Reduction of stress and anxiety; 

-Rebalance in states of tiredness and exhaustion;
- Increase of the body's natural defences; 

- Reduction of pain; 

- Reinforcement of energy to overcome states of depression and other soul states characterised by lack of energy; 

- Excellent in palliative care; 

- Help with prior preparation and recovery after chemical and surgical intervention; 

- Strengthens the body's ability to eliminate unwanted side effects from drugs (eg chemotherapy).  


Sessions held by the therapist:

 Abhá Devi 

Andre Borges



Meditative Healing is an alternative method of healing, which allows to get into deep relaxation through meditation. It reduces stress and it looses physical and emotional blockages. In this state, greater awareness is achieved and the disease can be transformed or prevented. Adding to this the most important aspect known as prayer, the universal healing power is channelled and a scenario for miracles is established. Experience listening deeply, stillness of the mind and universal healing power.

Sessions held by the therapist :

Tanpreet Singh   



Gentle manual therapy.

Objective: remove mobility from body structures, improve blood circulation and, consequently, improve health.

For whom: adults, newborns, children, pregnant women.

For injuries such as : back pain, car accident, falling, headache , difficult delivery for the newborn or his mother emotional impacts, stress ... 

Babies: difficulty to sleep, regurgitation, plagiocephaly, colitis ...


Sessions held by the therapist: 


Martine Mass

João Diogo



Obsidian and Crystals Therapy


Crystals and obsidians are keys that open body memories. They have the ability to unlock the energy and emotions that have been suppressed and many have turned into inflammation, irritation, pain or illness in the body.


Sessions conducted by the therapist: 


Sofia Bouçadas  


Regression to Past Lives

Through simple guided relaxation and meditation, the innate ability to access memories of other lives is unlocked in order to better understand the Present.


Sessions conducted by the therapist:

Sofia Ferreira

Sofia Bouçadas  

Incorporation training

Explore the fluidity between thinking and being, doing and perceiving; Through breathing and body movement, this technique encourages and promotes a deeper sense of connection with our authentic truth.


Sessions held by the therapist: 





To decide to enter a psychotherapy process is a conscious journey of self-knowledge. The psychotherapy process facilitates achieving goals through identification and removal of obstacles. Sometimes these causes are unconscious or even when they are conscious we might not be able to make the intended change alone.
Therefore, in a context of a trusting therapeutic relationship with a qualified professional, this journey becomes easier and pleasantly surprising because of the lightness and psychological well-being achieved. The way of feeling and reacting to previous situations will then naturally be changed, respecting the client's pace and will. The
therapist, depending on his/her knowledge and techniques, will take into account the various approaches that can best to each specific case.
You can start therapy just to feel better about yourself, to improve a
relationship, to manage in a different way a situation that is causing
suffering in some way or to stop feeling depressive or anxious symptoms that disturb you in some way. So in this process that will be a joint discovery you will find yourself happier and more authentic, being free to make your choices when leaving the initial conditioning.


Sessions held by the therapist:

Leonor Monteiro





It is a therapy that integrates in the same session several therapies and sources of knowledge such as kinesiology , chromotherapy namely chromopuncture , bioenergetics, music therapy, reflexology... 

Wellness and energy balance sessions with effects on the soul,
on aesthetics and physical level. 

There are general treatments for symptoms and chakra harmonization, revitalization, detox, relaxing, antidepressant among many others.

Energy status testing is performed to define the treatment in each session. 

Reactions / testimony 

- I feel lighter; A weight came out of my face; I can move better and I don't feel pain; I'm more beautiful!; I started to sleep better; I have more energy.


Sessions held by the therapist:

Leonor Monteiro  


Radionic Table

Therapy that uses dowsing and quantum therapy that, among other objectives, serves to harmonize and protect energetically various areas such as personal, environment and relational areas.


Sessions held by the therapist:

Leonor Monteiro  



Each pathology creates its own magnetic field with its positive and negative poles. The positive pole, generated by excess hydrogen ions (H +), tends to acidify and develop viruses and fungi. The negative pole, on the contrary, originated by deficiency of H + and the presence of free radicals, tends towards alkalinity and thus favours the development of bacteria and parasites, re-establishing the neutral pH . The application of a magnetic field of polarity contrary to the biomagnetic field produced by the organism pushes the positive charges of hydrogen ions internally against the negative charges of free radicals. Thus, the foci that were acid or alkaline become neutral, which exterminates the respective microorganisms, which do not exist in a neutral pH environment. 


Duration and Procedure

Each Biomagnetism session lasts about an hour, during which the is patient lying and dressed. The therapist obtains the necessary information for the treatment by observing the relative position of the patient's feet and by taking the patient's pulse. The energetic treatment is done with low intensity magnets. Normally, to obtain conclusive results, you need between three to six regularly spaced sessions during one to three months. 


IMPORTANT! It is not advisable to use PACEMAKER or any METAL VALVE. This therapy is also not advisable if you have had chemotherapy less than 5 years before. 

Sessions held by the therapist: 

Marina e Rui  



SAAMA is for those who want to improve their life quality. Bioenergetic and Quantum Therapeutic System is unique in its type that integrates multiple healing techniques to achieve profound effects.

SAAMA uses the frequency of LOVE!

Based on quantum medicine, through SAAMA therapy, you can improve any aspect of your life quickly and accurately.


Sessions held by the therapist: 

Ideli Soares  


Vibrational Elixirs

The conscious connection with Nature's subtle energy has origins as old as the existence of human beings. The vibratory essence of plants, trees, animals, crystals and climatic elements, such as storms, is tuned so that it can be used for healing, with water as the driving vehicle. These elixirs are a unique system in Portugal, enhancing self-knowledge, helping to balance emotional, mental and spiritual states, and allowing us to find our true path of beauty and creativity.


Sessions held by the therapist:

Sofia Ferreira   


Aesthetic Acupuncture


Aesthetic acupuncture is a safe and painless procedure, a non-surgical method to reduce the signs of aging, acne, psoriasis, blemishes. It is a revitalization process to help the body as a whole. The result of the treatment is visible in the first sessions.

There are two aspects to take into account with this treatment. One is the benefits in the "local" and the other is the benefits at the root of the problem. Local treatment addresses the symptoms, while the root treats the underlying causes, such as hormonal imbalance, digestive problems or emotional stress. Both locally and at the root level, treatments are performed in each session to provide the best and longest lasting benefit.


Sessions held by the therapist:

Angelica Monteiro  



Energy Therapy


Energy therapy allows us to work at a subtle and deep level, focusing on the treatment and restructuring of the energy centres, the chakras. The process triggered by the sessions allows a harmonization of the energy field, producing a greater sense of well-being. Used more regularly, energy therapy can serve to deepen transformational processes and facilitate changing behaviour patterns that are often the source of situations of physical and emotional suffering.


Sessions held by the therapist:

Ana Paula Pestana  



Reading of the birth chart in an evolutionary perspective with the goal of achieving a broader understanding and contextualization of each one’s processes. It aims to facilitate an opening of consciousness that allows to see the possibilities and potentialities that are latent in yourself.

Astrology for Conscious Development .


Sessions held by the therapist: 

Ana Paula Pestana  



We have physiotherapy sessions for different needs:

  • Respiratory for Adults and Babies;

  • Auscultation

  • For the treatment of Urinary Incontinence

  • Manual lymphatic drainage (with 45min sessions)

  • Radio frequency

  • Movement Class

  • Childbirth Recovery


Sessions held by the therapist: 

Teresa Fastágio

João diogo 


Scar treatment


• Hysterectomy • Cesarean section • Mastectomy • Episiotomy • Hernia repair • Uterine or rectal prolapse • Tearing during delivery 

• Sexual trauma or painful sex

Abdominal surgery scars can create imbalances in the pelvis and spine. They can lead to numbness or pain in the scar or in the surrounding areas. Occasionally, childbirth can cause scarring on the pelvic floor, which can cause pain during menstruation or intercourse. Scar tissue is an obstacle to healing. It blocks the free movement of joy and pleasure in the body. Scar tissue reduces the original length of the tissue and weakens it. It can also affect other parts of the body and organs, creating dysfunction and pain. The remediation of scar tissue alters the scar configuration to resemble the original tissue. It brings more openness and flexibility to the scar area. Scars can be formed from infections, injuries, illness, inflammation, chronic poor posture, endometriosis, radiotherapy, tears during delivery and surgeries (such as caesarean sections, episiotomies, appendectomies, ectopic removal of pregnancy, abortion, cervical biopsies, hysterectomy, removal of the ovarian cyst, removal of the gallbladder, etc.) My name is Júlia Pessis, I am a certified Sexological Bodyworker ™ and Somatic Sexual Educator by the Somatic Sexology Institute of England. 


Sessions held by the therapist: 

Julia pessis



Hair removal (natural method)

Sugaring is the ancient Arab art of removing unwanted hair from the face and body.

Hair is removed from the root and regrowth is softer, thinner and lighter, slowing down with each treatment until hair growth finally stops. The sugar paste is made entirely from natural products and it is applied to the skin and removed by an experienced professional. The skin becomes smooth and hairless. The area to be treated is prepared with a bactericidal lotion to ensure that the highest possible hygiene standards are maintained. As the paste is natural and the treatment is very gentle, any part of the body and face can be treated. Sensitive skin and conditions like eczema and psoriasis can be improved by adding sugar. Hair should be about 1 cm long before treatment (ie, 2 weeks after shaving), creams and oils should not be used on the skin 24 hours before the treatment. Sugaring is a skillful practice and all Helena practitioners are trained and certified to a high standard of excellence.

Only for women. 


Sessions held by the therapist: 


Sana Maresia na Aldeia da Praia

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