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Love Explosion Tour Portugal

More than any conventional Hatha Workshop, Yoga teacher Silvia Stojanovic takes you on a journey towards your inner loving self.

Her workshop is segmented into 4 parts where live music accompanies the Yoga practice, giving you the possibility to emerge into full and conscious practice.

  • Loving kindness meditation

  • Beyond Hatha Yoga practice with live music

  • Intelligent movement (back to a child's mobility)

  • Thai massage sequence for relaxation

Silvia Stojanovic is an international certified Hatha Yoga teacher & motivational speaker based in Portugal. After graduating from sports studies in Germany, she traveled around Europe and found Yoga as her missing and most important piece of life. Silvia felt the deep wish to share this ancient way of communicating with the own body and started teaching the Hatha & Ashtanga method in 2004. Since than, Silvia has taught in many parts of the world and we are truly happy to be able to host her for this wonderful workshop on January 19th, 2019 in the Aldeia da Praia. To book her workshop, email us at or call us on +351-218 058 356.

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