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Updated: Oct 12, 2023

"Finger pressure" is the meaning of the Japanese term "Shiatsu", a method of treatment which aims at maintaining and restoring health, by rebalancing the energy network of the our body. Shiatsu is a body therapy that, through the power of touch and pressure, stimulates the self-healing ability of the treatment recipient, inducing deep relaxation and a sense of well-being. Sometimes it’s a dynamic process, sometimes it’s apparently static, pressure is applied and stretches of the limbs and trunk are performed with the aim of removing generalized tensions, releasing contracted muscles and supporting areas of the body that are fragile. From the point of view of the recipient, the massage Shiatsu is deeply relaxing, yet invigorating, communicating a sense of tranquility and the awareness of a deep contact with each zone of the own body.

The treatment lasts about 90min.


O Shiatsu, que tem a sua raiz no Japão, visa a manutenção e recuperação da

saúde, através do reequilíbrio da rede energética do nosso corpo e funciona

como terapia corporal, com técnicas de toque e pressão, que estimulam a

nossa capacidade de autocura, induzindo um relaxamento profundo e uma

sensação de bem-estar generalizada.

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